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Welcome to Winy’s Kitchen [BLUE ZONES COOKING]

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Winy Chen

Winy Chen

About Winy’s Kitchen:

Welcome to Winy’s Kitchen! I’m Winy and am the registered dietitian at the Beach Cities Health District. I am originally from Taiwan and received my bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Cornell University. My husband and I have two beautiful young boys, Shawn and Ryan. Shawn is in his first year at the dual Spanish Immersion Program in Washington Elementary, which is exciting for my family and the school district. Ryan attends Circle of Love preschool in Manhattan Beach, a place where nurture, fun and learning happen at the same time. We are proud residents of Redondo Beach and the beach cities are our favorite places to be and hang out.

I must admit that being a conscientious mom is a testament to my nutrition expertise. Because I also work fulltime, I totally understand the struggles that many families go through during mealtimes. After all, who has the incentive to cook and clean after a long day at work or with kids? To say the least, mealtime is not exactly “hunky-dory” in our family either; there is always some sort of spills, fights or even meltdowns. However, knowing that healthy eating habits must start early, I’m adamant about making the family meal a priority in my life and introducing my boys to a variety of fruits and vegetables. Shawn is a picky eater by nature, and Ryan is a “carb king” with multiple food allergies, all of which make cooking and mealtime slightly more challenging…

In Winy’s Kitchen, I intend to share with you some healthy recipes with inclusion of the nutrition information, selection, storage and handling tips on a particular vegetable or fruit. Topics relevant to food and nutrition will also be included. The recipes are usually quick and easy as I am a believer in simple but FRESH ingredients. Obviously, as a registered dietician, I am all about decreasing the fat, sodium and sugar in recipes and adding more plant foods to the dish. I hope you enjoy my blog!



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