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Japanese pros challenge locals at SB Boardriders Jack’s contest in Manhattan Beach

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World Surf League pro  Kaito Sekimoto finished fifth in the SB Boardriders Jack’s Surf Contest in Manhattan Beach. Photo by Steve Gaffney (

Photos by Steve Gaffney (

Jack’s Surf Shop brought Australian Chris Michalak and former El Segundo High star Kent Nishiya, two of its World Surf League team riders, to the South Bay Boardriders contest last Saturday in El Porto. Jack’s was the contest sponsor and was probably hoping to dominate the Open Men’s division. The plan worked, but just barely because Nishiya brought along Japanese World Surf League riders Reon Oba, Kairi Noro and Kaito Sekimoto. The three Japanese surfers all advanced to the six-man finals and finished second (Oba), third (Noro) and fifth (Sekimoto). Michalak won the open division and Nishiya hung on to take sixth. Former South African pro Warren Kushner was fourth.

Also visiting from Japan were World Surf League Pro Reika Noro and Kentaro Tsujioka. Nor placed third in the open women’s division. Tsujioka won the groms division (12 and under) and advanced to the finals of the boys division (14 and under).

The more than 200 competitors filled up 40 heats in 11 divisions, ranging from assisted groms to legends.

The next SBBC contest, the fifth of the six contest series, is May 6 at the Manhattan Beach pier and will be sponsored by Spyder. The final contest, sponsored by Surf Concepts, is April 22 in El Porto. Submission deadline for the club’s South Bay Big Wave Challenge is Friday, March 31. The Big Wave Challenge Awards Night is May 24.

Photos by Steve Gaffney (

(Full results at end of photo gallery)

Contest Date: 03/25/2017   South Bay Boardriders Club    
Location: 42nd St – El Porto   2016-2017 Surf Series    
      Jack’s Contest Results    
  Open Men   Open Women   Juniors (18 & Under)
1 Chris Michalak 1 Lisa Boos 1 Nicholas Holdman
2 Reon Oba 2 Megan Seth 2 Parker Browning
3 Kairi Noro 3 Reika Noro 3 Cody Purcell
4 Warren Kushner 4 Olivia Lusby 4 Kyle Beatty
5 Kaito Sekimoto 5 Hali Honea 5 Reon Oba
6 Kent Nishiya 6 Kierra Fedio 6 Alex Fry
  Junior Women (18 & Under)   Boys (14 & Under)   Groms (12 & Under)
1 Megan Seth 1 Joey Samuelian 1 Kentaro Tsujioka
2 Hali Honea 2 Sean Dougherty 2 Gavin Lusby
3 Sophia Arky 3 Billy Atkinson 3 Finn Bertino
4 Olivia Lusby 4 Kai Kushner 4 Kai Kushner
5 Peri Nathan 5 Alex Iantuono 5 Thomas Pogue
6 Lisa Boos 6 Kentaro Tsujioka 6 Brad Diaz
  Micro-Groms (9 & Under)   Assisted Micro-Groms   Junior Longboard (18 & Under)
1 Jonny Herrouin 1 Caden Francis 1 Rodney Buck
2 Greyson Shumow 2 Cruz Dinofa 2 Jake Rosenberg
3 Jack Barnes 3 Sawyer Abing 3 Ryan Hughes
4 Miles Venegas 4 Cooper Wixom 4 Danny Chavat
5 Taylor Francis 5 Jett Rocket Prefontaine 5 Alex Iantuono
6   6 Keegan Abing 6 Trevor Khan
  Open Longboard (All Ages)   Legends (45+)    
1 Christian Stutzman 1 Tom Seth    
2 Dave Schaefer 2 Dave Schaefer    
3 Andrew Neal 3 Scott Whitmer    
4 Morgan Sliff 4 Troy Campbell    
5 Luke Pond 5 Bill MacLeod    
6 Troy Campbell 6 Johnny Hjorth    



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