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Kieran Walls and Shane Mosely welcome Santa to Hermosa Beach Saturday morning at the pier. Santa was practicing his surfing for his annual Holiday appearance on the cover of Easy Reader. Photo by Ray Vidal. Special thanks to Vince Ray and Body Glove

Week of Dec. 7th-14th 2012

Christmas came early for Mr. Mike Purpus as he received his new Surfboards by Davenport 9’7″ competition model. Local shapers Adam Davenport and Dan Cobely collaborated on Purp-dawg’s newest ride. Drop Zone’s question, “Who’s gonna airbrush Mike’s naked Girlfriend on the bottom?” Photo by Adam Davenport

Brad Jacobson of Civic Couch captures Marcelo Malinco ducking and covering under the crystal chandelier.

With the rumors of a big swell heading in sooner or later, the nooks and crannies around here and there can’t wait to light up. Marcelo Malinco locked in. Photo by Brad Jacobson

Unidentified surfer taking it to the beach at last week’s South Bay Boardriders Club contest. Photo by Kevin Cody

Local Hot Shot Surf Mike Siordia Stands nonchalantly ten toes to the dome on his Magenta Tyler Surfboard. Photo by Photo by Pete Henze

Hudson Ritchie, the king of the Surf Gremlins, and his posse survey the surf before his heat. Photo by Kevin Cody

Despite being the youngest competitor in the longboard division, Ritchie ended up taking fourth and winning the 14 and under shortboard division. Photo by Kevin Cody

Legends Division winner, Kevin Holmes, riding high on his Jose Barahona quad. Photo by Kevin Cody

Brash, Slash, and Cash Tommy Ostendorf drops the wallet. Photo by Kevin Cody

Kent Nishiya on an inside rebound before the shorepound dunk. Photo by Kevin Cody

Wayne Okamoto of Oakfoils Surfboards and his postmodern approach with the Cosmic Flyer. Okamoto is testing a wild new thought process to surfboard design. Photo courtesy of Oakfoils Surfboards blog oakfoils.blogspot.com

From Wayne: “the Cosmic Flyer is 5’2″ x 17.75 x 2.25. although the dimensions sound small the board is designed to be a modern planing hull for efficient planing so the board catches waves easily and performs unlike a modern high performance shortrboard.” Photo courtesy of Oakfoils Surfboards blog oakfoils.blogspot.com



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