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Thai: Phuket Thai

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Phuket Thai. Photo by Brad Davidson (

Phuket Thai. Photo by Brad Davidson (

There are Thai restaurants in the South Bay that have done a marvelous job at recreating Thai architecture, gardens and decor; it’s nice that they did because the setting is part of the dining experience. But once again, the favorite Thai restaurant in the South Bay is in a nondescript office building. Phuket Thai delivers authentic Thai flavors – powerful, subtle and complex all at once – and the service has plenty of traditional charm and politeness. Newcomers to the cuisine will find the fluent servers helpful and informative, as well as willing to communicate to the chef the precise level of heat that you prefer. Those who know this cuisine will appreciate that when you tell your server you want it “Thai hot,” you’ll get traditionally zesty curries served with all the spice, heat and other flavors of a Bangkok street stall. — RF

901 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach,. (310) 374-9598

Runner-up: Thai Dishes. 707 S. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach. (310) 316-6326


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