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Surf Sleds: Brian Longs’ 1964 Olds

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All photos by Mark Kawakami

Rolling down Catalina Avenue in Redondo Beach, Brian Long’s 1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 powered by a throaty 394 cubic inch Rocket V8 demands attention even at cruising speed. Strapped to the roof, a Joe Bark single fin noserider accompanies the action on a ride perfect for the ‘strip or a coastal drive.Brian_Long_64Olds0067

“I got around 350-360 of horsepower with 500 pounds of torque,” Long said. “I just rebuilt the original hilborn carb.”

Long bought his ‘Olds from up north in Washington State as a low mile survivor with 101,000 original miles.Brian_Long_64Olds0070


“I went through the top half of the motor, added dual exhaust and cragars,” he said. “I took it to Cypress Auto body in Hermosa Beach and had the paint color sanded to get it to pop,”

Since getting his ride in September, Long’s taken his ‘Olds through cruises all through LA.Brian_Long_64Olds0052

“The only break down story I’ve had was on the Vincent Thomas bridge where the motor just stalled,” he said. “I cruised down the bridge in neutral and of course my wife was there. It ruined our Sunday drive, hahaha.”

For the future, Long wants to keep it simple by figuring out the gremlins that happen when you freshly buy a classic car.Brian_Long_64Olds0114

“I look forward to taking it surfing, cruising down Hermosa Avenue and the Esplanade and making it my daily driver,” he said and joked, “and maybe letting my wife drive it if she’s lucky.” DZBrian_Long_64Olds0056






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