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Taylor Steele’s NEW SURF FILM showing tonight in Hermosa Beach

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This Time Tomorrow 

Alex Gray, Dave Rastovich, and Craig Anderson on the way to an epic session. Photo by Todd Glasser

by  Eddie Solt Jr.

     Diamond Lane Productions and Spyder Surfboards present the Hermosa Beach premiere of iconic surf filmmaker Taylor Steele’s newest project “This Time Tomorrow” at Saint Rocke’s this Thursday, December 13th.

     Few have had their creative endeavors declared in retrospect as a pivotal point in history. Steele not only did, but on his first broad stream effort, “Momentum,” a movie ultimately defining the era. Steeles’s 1992 VHS captured a new school surfing style with the hot and upcoming surfers (legends today), and a media with brash editing and music reflecting the action on the screen. In twenty years and over 40 best selling or award winning films, Steele projects have evolved from just “shooting the boys,” to using  more sophisticated editing techniques and formatting that has the same energy as day one but is satisfying to the adult palate.

Sleepy Mexican Point Break. Photo by Todd Glasser

His new film, This Time Tomorrow, follows Steele’s last decade foray into film and is based on a concept from a BodyBoard Magazine article Steele had been stewing on for ten years.

     “Mike Stewart attempted to chase an entire swell starting from Tahiti but he never made it out of Hawaii,” Steele said.         

     The film documents two surfers, Dave Rastovich and Craig Anderson, as they take a frantic path tracking and staying in front of a single Southern Hemi swell starting from tropical Tahiti to frigid Alaska. Along the way, the duo meets up with Kelly Slater, Chris Del Moro, Alex Gray, and Dan Malloy.

Craig Anderson and Dave Rastovich anticipating Alaska. Photo by Todd Glasser

“The first real challenge we faced was macking Tahiti were no boats were allowed out of the harbor with,” Steele said. “It’s nearly impossible to shoot from land and we also had the Billabong Pro taking place.”

     With the threat of the media around the WCT extravaganza leaking out the project and the Tahitian Government barring boating, Steele found “ways around it.”  The massiveness of Teahupo’o indicated to Steele that it was time to tackle this surfari.

     “It was obvious that this was the biggest swell in ten years,” Steele said. “It was time to make the cannonball run.”

A very large Bombora in Tahitian waters. Photo by Todd Glasser

8 days later across the Pacific for a total of 20,000 miles (the length of the planet) Steele documents the swell hitting a variety and contrast of spots, the “perfect solitude of Mexican point breaks, the craziness and chaos of crowded first point Malibu, the snow and icebergs of Alaska floating in and around the line-up” and the introspective down time of the surfers in between.

     “The relationship with the surfer’s dynamic is what to follow,” Steele said. “To surf all day and travel all night long is exhausting.”

     Doors open at 8:30 with complimenting performances by Agent Orange, Meet Me at the Pub, Peter Goetz, and DJ Jacques with prizes from the sponsors, Go Pro, Spyder Surfboards, Tweak Footwear, and many more. DZ.

THIS TIME TOMORROW a Taylor Steele film- Trailer from Sipping Jetstreams Media on Vimeo.


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