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Spring rings- Amaloa “So Unique” boutique

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photo by Chelsea Sektnan

Amaloa Bonvecchio, a highly-acclaimed fashion designer from Venezuela, moved to the South Bay from a life of high-couture Miami fashion in 2011. She took her knowledge of catwalk fashion and translated that to a small unique workshop, gallery and boutique centered on one-of-a-kind natural pieces. Recently she sat down for a creative work session and came up with her highly popular “Spring Ring.” The ring, made up of silver, gold plated material or gold, wraps around the finger and is set off with a special charm, feather or jewel. “People really love it, you can’t find anything like it anywhere else,” said Bonvecchio. “It’s for everybody, girls and ladies of every age.” Her boutique sells other hand-made jewelry as well as her popular light-weight leather totes.

Rings range from $40 – $110 depending on the material and the totes range from $120 – $180. Amaloa “So Unique,” boutique is located at 200 Pier Ave, Suite 206 in Hermosa Beach. Call 310-318-5300 or visit http://amaloa.com.


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