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Spooky SOUTH BAY Surf REVIEW Oct 28-Nov 4 2012

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Left to Right: Maren Krampert, Tara Mattie, Chad Conrad, John Northrup , Dan Reich, Christian Owen, Mike Avalon, Thomas Weyandt, Tiffany Tudyk, Analisa Apellido, Chuck Leatherbury, Kathy Patman, Matthew Patman, John Gonzalez, Gene Kusion From left to right, front row: Steve Harris, Amy McEachern, Steve Fisher, Emma Fisher, Tomoe Matsuoka, Mike Stevens, Candace Stalder, Chris Bredesen Photo by Jana Wallace

     The week  of October 28th started off with ripples with minor surf. This did not deter the cast of characters above, The Riviera Wave Riders. The surfing club of Torrance Beach celebrated their Fourth Annual Halloween Costume Surf in glassy, fun conditions at Gotham Point just south of Sam Elliot’s Lifeguard Tower. To check their scene, go to: www.rivierawaveriders.org

“GOOO Grrease Lighting!” Candace Stalder posing as Rizzo of the Pink Ladies. Photo by Mike Avalon

“Shake, Rattle, and ROLL! Stalder to the NOSE! photo by: John Eckmier

Analisa Apellido in perhaps the most frightening costume to a surfer….a shark. Photo by: Mike Avalon

Drop Zone, would like to retract the previous statement regarding a surfer’s biggest fear. This is the most frightening thing in the water, a wave burglar. Photo by John Eckmier

Mike Siordia Kiyo Okada

A little north up in “Sin” Bay, Mike Myers was thrashing throats and shoulders in the line-up. Photo By Kiyo Okada


IN full trim going about mach 5, Tyler raced down the lefts away from the psychotic Meyers who just took out a school of shortboarders. Photo by Brad Jacobson

Matt Pagan got away by boostin’ over the assault of Myers. Photo by Brad Jacobson

With such legendary status, Safady doesn’t bother with such “Child’s Play.” Photo by Mike Avalon

By the end of the week, the swell was picking up…. Photo by Zack Stoller

 The Drop Zone would also like to congratulate Alex Gray for being invited to compete in this year’s “The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau” big wave surf contest held during peak conditions at Waimea Bay. 

The Drop Zone company car. Photo by Kiyo Okada

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