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South Bay Surf League 2012/13 Season Preview

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League Director John Joseph announces places to shortboard finalists Codee Stamis (Mira Costa), Chris Stimpfl (South Torrance), Peter Healey (Palos Verdes), Mikey Willigrod (Palos Verdes), Mike Okuda (Redondo Beach) and Jared Boyd (Mira Costa).

South Bay Surf League 2012 preview

Mira Costa’s depth will be

Hard to beat this winter

by John Joseph

South Bay Surf League director

The finals of the 17th Annual South Bay Surf League Classic was held in a bumpy wind swell at the Hermosa Beach Pier on Saturday, November 10. As expected, Mira Costa proved it is the team to beat this year. Fourteen of the 30 finalists were from Costa and its surfers took first in three of the five divisions. Costa arguably has the deepest, most talented team in league history. Palos Verdes surfers finished first in two divisions.

Girls shortboard finalists Rachel Tominaga (Mira Costa), Sara Curran (Redondo Beach), Jessica Duston (Palos Verdes), Sara Kohogi (Mira Costa), Jordan Wible (Mira Costa)and Jessie Rowan (Palos Verdes).

Top finishers: Boys short board Mike Willingrad, Palos Verdes. Boys longboard: Josh Perch (Mira Costa), Body board: Jackson Casady, Mira Costa. Girls short board Sara Kohrogi (Mira Costa). Girls long board Jessica Dustin, Palos Verdes.

Mira Costa Assistant coach Mike Quinn presents the girls long board awards to Channell Catuagna (Redondo Beach) Sara Kohogi (Mira Costa), Saralyn Troeger (Mira Costa, Jessie Rowan (Palos Verdes), Jessica Duston (Palos Verdes) and Jordan Wible (Mira Costa).

Palos Verdes also has plenty of talent but lacks Mira Costa’s depth. Redondo will be competitive as usual but, again, depth will be an issue. South has a young but much improved team. El Segundo, as usual, will have several of the league’s top surfers, but with the lowest enrollment of any of the schools in the league, depth is always an issue.

Joseph introduces boys long board finalists Peter Healey (Palos Verdes), Jack Rowan (Palos Verdes), Brendan Hefferman (Palos Verdes), Codee Stamis (Mira Costa), Josh Perch (Mira Costa) and Dylan St. Germain (Mira Costa).


Joseph handing out awards. Bodyboard finalist: Luke Meyers (Redondo), Nick Coons (Mira Costa), Braden Cassidy (Mira Costa), and Jackson Cassady (Mira Costa)

San Pedro, North, West and Bishop Montgomery, with their smaller teams, will compete against one another in division 2.Santa Monicamay join division 2.

Here’s how the team’s respective coaches view the upcoming season.

Mira Costa

By  coach Tracy Geller

Our short board team is one of the best ever in SBSL history. League Champion Sophomore Noah Collins  leads the pack of outstanding surfers, which include seniors Josh Perch, Nathan Quinn and Juniors Jared Boyd, Kyle Brown and Codee Stamis. Each one of them is capable of winning anytime they enter the water.

Our girls are unquestionably the best and deepest, leas by previous SBSL champions junior Jordan Wible and sophomore Rachael Tominaga.

Mira Costa’s Codee Stamis drives down the line.

Dillon St Germain and Andrew Vander mark head up a competitive long board group. Jackson and Braden Cassidy along with Nick Coons lead this year’s talented body board team.

Palos Verdes High’s Jack Rowan hangs five.

Palos Verdes

By coach Keith Whitmer

Captains Mike Willingrad, Zac Klein, Jessie Rowan and Jessica Dustin lead this year’s talented team. We have lots of short board experience in seniors Will Borzi and Joe Marian and talented freshmen Will Reid, Peter Healey and Jack Rowan.

Past league champions Jessica Dustin and Jessica Rowan will challenge Costa for dominance in the girls divisions.

Brendan Hefferman and Justin Jones will lead the way in longboard, but as is the case with us every year, we’re not sure what we have in the way of body boarders.

PV High’s Brendan Hefferman.

Redondo Union High

By coach Avery Duncan

Sophomore Trevor La Sure will be competing for the all around title this year as he steps up to replace two-time league MVP Connor Beatty. Luke Meyers in short board and David Fillman in long board will keep Redondo competitive. In any other era Sara Curran, Ele Enscore and Alidah Sheldon would be odds on favorites to dominate the girls division. But this year they will have to be at their best to win.

Redondo High’s Mike Okuda

South Torrance

By coach Leigh McArthur

This year’s team is young and improved. Dillon Ragone, Dan Clark, Blake Ito Jack and Will Meyer will double up on both long and short board. Jon Senesac will compete with anybody in the body board. Chloe Dimitrew will head up our girls team.

Mira Costa’s Codee Stamis and South Torrance’s Chris Stimpfl.

El Segundo

By coach Craig Cousins

This year’s young squad is lead by Corey O’Neil, Richard Bennett and Micah Zask. Samantha Vizon and Kirston Bucher bring experience to the girls’ side. Cody Martin heads up a strong body board group.

San Pedro High

By coach Richard Wagoner

AJ Morales and Jeremy Diaz on short board with Jake Bergersen and Alex Valentine on long boards will lead the boys’ team. Cassidy Feltenberger will keep our girls’ team competitive.


North and West Torrance Highs

By coach Barbra St. John

Returning surfers Alex Evans, Kai Zimmerman, Marcus Viscari, Daniel Okomoto and Mike Lawrence have the experience to make us competitive.

Bishop Montgomery

By coach Kevin Bateman

Jimmy Grove and Natalie D’Angelo will lead the Knights.


Once one of the strongest programs in the league, Peninsula is sitting out this year due to lack of participation. DZ

All Photos by Kevin Cody


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