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Skatepark PV to shore up ground at Rolling Hills Estates site

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Ellen November, who’s been pioneering a skatepark on the peninsula for the past four years, said her group Skatepark PV has decided to go forward with the necessary ground remediation at a site selected by the City of Rolling Hills Estates at Ernie Howlett Park.

The city had previously given the non-profit approval to build on the site, effectively letting it go ahead and raise an estimated $400,000. But after closer examination the land was deemed unstable. It turns out, the spot lies above an old landfill and the material underneath is expected to settle, which could cause cracks in any concrete.

Geological drillers bored three holes at the site last week to explore the subsurface and determine exactly how much material would need to be removed and refilled. Previous estimates put the work at $100,000, which the non-profit will cover in addition to all construction costs.

“There’s been so much good will and positive support to make this happen,” November said. “I’m very confident we’ll get the money for it.”

Mayor Frank Zerunyan said he’s delighted to add a skatepark to a city that already contributes far more to the peninsula’s recreational uses than other cities based on its size.

“We certainly hope to add skateboarders to these numbers,” Zerunyan said.


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