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Sea Hawk family affair

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Read main story: Dynasties end in Redondo Union girls volleyball program

by Mike Miazga (PrepVolleyball.com)

Redondo Union seniors Skylar Dykstra and Hannah Mosebar have great admiration for their older siblings. Dykstra is one of five children, while Mosebar is one of four sisters.

Dykstra and Mosebar took some time to go into detail on what they have learned from each of their siblings. As a side note, Dykstra and Mosebar are both aunts. Jenna Dykstra is married with one child and living in North Carolina, while Maddie Mosebar also is married and has one child and another on the way.

Skylar Dykstra on Jenna (played at Marymount High and Davidson University):

“Jenna started the whole volleyball thing for the family. She was such a hard worker in school and on the court. I like to follow her work mentality. I put in the effort and work as hard as I can in practice and games just like she does.”

Joey (played at Redondo, now a pro beach player):

“Joey is kind of the nutritionist in the family. He eats the healthiest. He’s taught the family the healthiest ways to eat. He taught me what you eat off the court affects you on the court. You eat good to fuel your body not just for the taste or pleasure.”

Devon (played at Redondo, Colorado and UCLA, now studying at UCLA):

“Devon is always happy and bubbly. I learned from her when you go out on the court you should have fun. Volleyball is something we do to have fun and not to stress too much about. She loosens you up.”

Lara (played at Redondo, now playing at Nebraska):

“Lara has a lot of leadership skills. She’s calm and relaxed out on the court. She always puts the team before herself. She’s a great role model for me. I’ve always asked her for advice. I still think back to playing with her and I try to duplicate what she did.”


Hannah Mosebar on Maddie (played at Redondo and El Camino and then studied at Biola):

“We like to call her the patriarch of the sisters. She’s helped all of us.”

Amy (played at Redondo and at Biola):

“Amy is the comedian of the family. She was so full of energy when she played volleyball and that’s helped me play with a lot of energy.”

Holly (played at Redondo, studied at El Camino and Biola):

“Holly is a really hard worker. She’s worked through so much. Holly has taught me a ton through her work ethic.”



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