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Scuba Suh, Dive N’ Surf, bring underwater world to kindergarteners

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Torrance Scuba Suh Kindergarten story

Teacher and SCUBA diver Rita Suh and kindergarten students at Zela Davis Elementary School.

Each year, my kindergarten students at Zela Davis Elementary School in Hawthorne learn about the oceans in a class called “By the Sea.” Students are encouraged to research question, including talking to experts.

Six years ago, after I became a certified SCUBA diver through Dive N’ Surf, I became that expert. Each year since then Dive N’ Surf manager Tracy Meistrell has donate SCUBA equipment and stickers for my “By the Sea” classes.

I call myself Scuba Suh” and go from class to class in a Dive N’ Surf wetsuit and SCUBA gear, answering the kindergarteners’ questions and showing them underwater photographs. Many of the students have never before seen a SCUBA diver.

Former kindergarten students now approach me and ask, “Are you going to be Scuba Suh again?” The excitement in their voices reveals how meaningful “Scuba Suh” was for them. Many have decided to help the ocean and sea animals when they grow up.

Our Hawthorne students not only learn facts about the oceans and beaches, but have an experience they will never forget. ER


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