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Redondo Beach union groups reject city’s offer

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The city’s “last, best, and final” offer of a three percent wage increase to disgruntled employee unions has been rejected.

A C.O.R.E. (Coalition of Redondo Beach Employees) member demonstrates at a public meeting several months ago.

A C.O.R.E. (Coalition of Redondo Beach Employees) member at a demonstration of union employees during a public meeting several months ago.

According to a statement from the city manager’s office, all unrepresented employees received the compensation adjustment on Dec. 3. Unionized employees, however, do not consider the offer acceptable.

The City Council’s proposal of a three percent wage hike was submitted to five bargaining units – Teamsters, Police Officers Association/Management, Firefighters Association, City Employees Association, and Professional & Supervisory Association. All have been agitating in recent months for enhanced wages, benefits, and employment conditions. They have pointed out that at the height of the recession, all city employees willingly absorbed a six percent pay cut, and maintain that as the economy rebounds, so should public salaries.

Under the Myers-Milias-Brown Act, both the city and formally recognized bargaining units must appoint representatives who engage in negotiation with the purpose of achieving agreement. City Manager Bill Workman and Assistant City Manager Pete Grant are designated negotiators for the city.

When the city and the unions fail to reach a settlement, the law provides opportunities for the use of mediation and factfinding.

The city’s budget can be reviewed here; its audit and annual financial report here. The City’s full employee wage and benefit plans by can be reviewed here.


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