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More than 8,000, including super heroes and salmon, run in Redondo Beach’s Super Bowl 10k [PHOTOS]

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by Joann Row

Over 8,000 runners, dressed variously as salmon, super heroes, and Seahawks, made an early morning trek through Redondo Beach for the 36th annual Redondo Beach Super Bowl Sunday 10K/5K Run/Walk.

10k winner Alfredo Coronado, who crossed the finish line in 32:05. Photo by Ray Vidal

10k winner Alfredo Coronado, who crossed the finish line in 32:05. Photo by Ray Vidal

The race, presented by Kaiser Permanente and hosted by Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, has gained notoriety over the years as one of the largest, most colorful Super Bowl celebrations in the nation.

The day began shortly after dawn at the Health & Fitness Expo at the Seaside Lagoon. The costume contest set stage just as the sun was peeking through an overcast sky at 7 a.m. Group contest entries included a 15-member group from Omaha dressed as Pac-man characters and an 18-member local group dressed as salmon (who were, one runner noted, swimming upstream).

“This is Salmon Run 2014,” said Michael Litsey, a Salmon Runner and Redondo resident. “It’s our third year in a row we’ve done this and we have a group of 18 this year. We start the run backwards and meet [the other runners] near the downtown mile.”

Eleven-year-old Emma Symon participated in the costume contest for the first time this year. She was accompanied by her dog Coco, the only dog to enter the costume contest.

“This is my second time being here, but the first time my dad was pushing me in a stroller,” Symon said. “I’m not looking forward to the run because I’m so cold.”

The Honorable Mark Ferris, judge of the Inferior Court. Photo by Joann Row

The Honorable Mark Ferris, judge of the Inferior Court. Photo by Joann Row

After winning 17 consecutive years, Robin Charin and Mark Ferris did not participate in the costume contest. Instead, Charin and Ferris were honorary judges. They wore green “Inferior Court of King Harbor” robes with“Judge Knott” and “Judge Mental” placards.

“We decided to retire because it wasn’t fair to keep winning every year,” Ferris said. “This is perfect for us because we’re judgmental.”

[Photos from the costume contest by Ray Vidal]

Steve Aspel, Redondo Beach City Mayor, kicked off the first wave of runners for the 5K by pumping the crowd with cheers for their favorite Super Bowl team.

The first place 10K runner came all the way from Santa Clarita to participate in the race.

The first place winner in the 10k, 25-year-old Alfedo Coronado from Santa Clarita, crossed the finish line at 32:05, a pace of roughly five minutes per mile.

“I was hoping for better results but I’m satisfied with what I did today,” Coronado said, displaying not even a single drop of sweat. “This is my first race of the season and this is my training for the other runs I’m doing this year, including half marathons and a full marathon.”

[See photos from the 10k.]

Coronado said that this was his first time participating in the RB 10K/5K and hopes to run it again next year with better results.

“I’m running around 10 to 12 races this year and I’m expecting great results,” he said.

Devin Daly, a 42-year-old from Redondo Beach, finished second, a minute and a half behind Coronado.

The first 5K runner to cross the finish line, at 16:07, was Torrance native 25-year-old Daniel Sorenson.

“[The run] wasn’t too bad,” Sorenson. “I’ve been training for four weeks and I’ve done the 10K before. I didn’t do the 10K this year, though, because I’ve only trained for four weeks.”

Sorenson crossed the 5K finish line with a time of 16:07, which is roughly five minutes per mile.

Vahagn Isayan, an 18-year-old from Redondo Beach, finished second with a time 16:44.

The Baby Buggy race. Photo by John Post

The Baby Buggy race. Photo by John Post

The Baby Buggy runners took off through the starting line at 8:30 a.m. with babies and strollers in tow. The first place finisher was 34-year-old Michael Sevier from Redondo Beach, with a time of 37:14. The second place finisher, 34-year-old Michael Cortez, arrived nearly three minutes after Sevier.

The event, managed by Spectrum Sports Management, included sponsors from Chevron, Arrowhead, Whole Foods, Clif Bars and the City of Redondo Beach.

Of course, it isn’t Super Bowl Sunday without the signature Super Bowl refreshment, beer. One of the RB 10K/5K sponsors, Michelob Ultra, allowed runners, walkers and participants over the age of 21 unwind with a few beers after the long morning.

One ghost from the Omaha Pac-man group, in keeping with America’s Super Bowl tradition, got a head start by sipping on a suspicious liquid with his friends before the 5K run. The race itself has become firmly entrenched as one of the South Bay’s biggest traditions, 36 years and running strong.

See full race results.


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