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A Quartet of Art Openings -Statewide Artists in Redondo Exhibition

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The South Bay can celebrate the summer solstice by attending the bright and colorful “CA101 2014” art exhibition, which includes three pop-up galleries produced by the Friends of Redondo Beach Arts and Redondo Beach Art Group. Over 300 artists and some 400 works will be on view.

“CA101” was created two years ago in order to bring together artists from across California, regardless of their quintessential themes or styles. It is meant to parallel directly with Hwy. 101 and everything it stands for.

“Hwy. 101 affects all of our lives,” said “CA101” Exhibition Director Sandra Liljenwall. “It pretty much defines a path from San Francisco to San Diego, (and is) the symbolic tie that unites our artists.”

On the search for this sovereignty, artists from 38 different cities along Hwy. 101 are traveling to Redondo Beach to showcase their work. With this varying influence, “CA101” strives to bring a new flavor to the South Bay.

“When you live in one area, you’ll have artists that are shown to the same people over and over,” Liljenwall said. “The ‘CA101’ artists are excited about going to another city and sharing their work with new artists and people from other cities.”

The first “CA101” exhibit was held at the Palos Verdes Inn. However, at the moment, “CA101” is leaning towards encompassing all of their works around Redondo Beach. This could then contribute towards making Redondo Beach a center for the arts.

“We are actually bringing to the community an incredible amount of sophisticated artwork,” Liljenwall stated. “We are promoting art within our community and most communities don’t get that kind of statewide promotion all the time.”

The exhibition is divided into a traditional gallery, abstract gallery, photography gallery, and a small treasures gallery, but there isn’t a specific theme that unites the exhibition.

“The basic idea is the exchange of artwork amongst artists throughout the state of California,” Liljenwall said. This allows for artists’ creativity to be unrestrained and further liberated.

“CA 101 2014” takes place on Pier Plaza, located on the Redondo Beach Pier. Opens Friday with a reception from 5 to 9 p.m. Through June 29. Information: friendsredondobeacharts.org.


Wonder Women at 608 North



The term “girls’ day”  will be ringing true this summer, but instead of the usual movie and dinner date, why not grab a few close girlfriends and attend an art show? 608 North Art Gallery is presenting  “Another Summer with the Ladies,” an all-female art show that is bound to be as successful as its predecessor, “A Summer with The Ladies.”

“Most galleries want a theme,” says Ellen King, a former program director at the Brentwood Art Center. “They want to see that you have exhausted your subject.” King’s work for 608 centers around her interest in India and the Indian culture.

Edie Pfeifer, is excited for the diversity of the exhibition as well.

“I was in last year’s [show]; I think there were about ten of us. There will be almost 30 women in this show. I think it is different and very exciting to have that much female energy in one space.”

Pfeifer’s work centers around the female figure: “The pieces are all very different. There is everything from an abel, to a mermaid, to a pin up icon.”

Robyn Alatorre also focuses on the female body, but in a way that is unlike her fellow artist friend.

“Of the four pieces I am showing, the two ‘sisters’ painting titled ‘Conception Alpha’ and ‘Conception Beta’ are personal favorites. Each explores different chapters of the reproductive role of womanhood. The story is told through mythological and Freudian metaphors.”

Lynn Attig is a painter who spends her time between her art studio in Redondo Beach and her family’s Blue Moon Ranch on the central coast of California.

“I am inspired to capture the rugged beauty and time honored traditions of ranch life, Attig says. Her work includes “colorful vignettes of the people and animals who live there. I hope my artwork will give people a glimpse into this lifestyle and help them escape to a simpler, more peaceful place.”

Janet Milhomme hopes to capture what she calls “the theme of summer” with her floral pieces.

“I [have] selected two images from my flower series, ‘A Moment of Beauty,’ and three works from my brightly-colored mixed media ‘abstract’ series. The flowers are sepia-tone prints with a small hint of color.”

If landscapes and flowers do not scream summer, then maybe the loud roar of a car engine will. Taiwan-born and now U.S. resident, Ching Ching Cheng, proves that automobiles are not just for the boys.

“I have been interested in science and engineering since I was little. Every part of each machine [is] connected to another… moving and working smoothly together, just like a human body. Your car is not only your mode of transportation, but also your status. It is a representation of you.”  She hopes to display this message through her artwork.

Marian Seiders, who has six pieces in the show – an encaustic, a painting, and four assemblages – also hopes to spark a message with her work.

“Art is my psychologist I guess; it keeps me sane and engaged in life! It’s also my spiritual practice since it’s so much like meditation when you are working. My art friends and I take workshops or go on art retreats often for fun, and to continue to be inspired by learning new techniques. It all goes back into my classroom as well. Art and my life are so intertwined that you really can’t separate them.”

“Another Summer with the Ladies” opens on Saturday, June 21, from 7:30-10:00 p.m., and continues through Saturday, July 19. The exhibition is located at 608 North, 608 N. Francisca Ave., Redondo Beach. (310) 376-5777 or go to 608north.com.


Ego’s First Birthday

With “Begin Anywhere,” Ego Fine Art celebrates its first anniversary. The gallery’s 13th show again features a fine mix of artists who have previously had their work on view, as well as those who are new or relatively new to the venue – which has the most casual and party-like atmosphere of any other gallery in the area: It’s bohemian, it’s avant-garde, and it can feel big and messy and boisterous like someone’s home studio, which turns out to be a good thing because most of the people who gather there are like old friends who just want to hang out, have a beer, and discuss art.

A gallery is like a human being, say Ego owners John Cantu and Emiko Wake, “which resonates and absorbs our emotions, positive or negative, and grows organically.”

“Begin Anywhere” highlights painters Michael Chomick, Scott Trimble, Treg Miller, photographer Yoji Abe, with live calligraphy by Mimi Wada. Altogether there will be over 20 artists.

Opening reception is Saturday from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. DJ Garrett Salling will be pumping up the sounds. Hours, Friday-Saturday-Sunday, from 1 to 6 p.m. and by appointment. Through July 6 at Ego Fine Art, 604 N. Francisca Ave., Redondo Beach. (424) 206-3756 or facebook.com/EgoFineArt.


A Watery Cause in Rolling Hills

The artists and musicians, who are largely skaters and surfers, are donating their creative talents, on view in “Riders Unite” to a cause that concerns us all – saving our oceans. The group art show features the work of 13 artists, and is being presented by South Bay Contemporary in collaboration with Red Dress Events. The show is co-curated by Peggy Zask and Nikki Winters-Reed. A silent auction is also being held to benefit the Surfrider Foundation.

Although Saturday’s opening reception doesn’t begin until later, the day kicks off with three bands – The Neckties playing from 2 to 2:30, the Medium Size Kids from 3 to 3:45, and Bristol to Memory from 4 to 4:45 p.m.

“Riders Unite” then opens its doors for the art reception from 5 to 9 p.m. South Bay Contemporary is located at 550 Deep Valley Drive #151, Rolling Hills Estates. The work will be on view through July 19. Call (310) 429-0973 or go to southbaycontemporary.com.


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