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Police News; December 3 – 9 – Robbery, ATM fraud, stolen cell phone returned

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Redondo Beach Police

Redondo Beach Police

Cell phone theft bust

On December 3 on the 2300 block of Hawthorne Blvd a suspect stole a cell phone from a sales counter at a business. According to police, an officer pretended to be the vicitim and made contact with the suspect via text. He then offered the suspect a reward and arranged to meet the suspect in Torrance. When the suspect arrived to receive his reward the suspect was arrested for possession of stolen property.

Robbed at the park

On December 4 at Czuleger Park a suspect approached a victim in the park and punched him several times in the face and head. According to police, the suspect stole money from the victim. An officer arrested the suspect for robbery when he was trying to leave the area and the victim was transported to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Erratic behavior at the beach

On December 7 at the Ruby Street beach near the lifeguard tower a female suspect was seen acting erratically on the beach. According to police, officers and paramedics responded and she was taken to the hospital for a medical examination. While at the hospital, the suspect said that she had tried to shoot herself, but the gun had malfunctioned. She claimed to have buried the gun in the sand. Officers were unable to locate the gun when they returned to the location she was found. The woman later recanted about burring a weapon.

ATM fraud

On December 9 at the 1300 block of South Pacific Coast Highway, a witness using a bank ATM saw something suspicious on the machine and recovered a credit card skimming device. According to police, a male suspect then approached the witness, claimed he was the police and demanded the device. The witness refused and the suspect entered a black BMW being driven by another male and fled the area. According to a release, officers were unable to locate the vehicle but they were able to recover the device from the witness along with a pinhole camera that had been attached to the ATM.


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