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One4LA.com presents: “The Streak”

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Local surfer Mark Silva recently hit a milestone of surfing 1000 days consecutively. For those who live in LA County, finding a rideable wave everyday in LA County is something of a chore. One4LA.com sat down with Silva and asked him a few questions

Explain the initial motivation to begin a quest to surf everyday?

There was no initial motivation to start a surfing streak. There was no conscious thought. It just happened. I knew that I hadn’t missed in a while so I started keeping track. One year became 2, became a 1000 days (and counting). Once the streak gains momentum it really doesn’t matter WHY, it just matters HOW.

What motivates you daily to keep the streak going?

I am motivated to surf every day because I really can’t imagine just getting up and going to work. That would be boring. No matter how hard work is, I know that I can look forward to my surf the next day. Since I was a kid, I have always been one of those people that needs to do something physical every day. Most days, I run before I surf. And lots of days, I surf again after work.

Tell us in detail some of the gnarly days that almost killed the streak.

The streak really hasn’t been that hard to maintain because we have had a couple of really mellow winters in a row. So I can usually just paddle out in Manhattan somewhere. And when it gets too big out front, I run to Torrance beach and surf Topaz or Sapphire. There was one day when Chris Broman and I went to Sapphire because Manhattan was out of control. Chris got waves but even Sapphire was so crazy that I could only get one wave. I couldn’t get back out for my next two (the rule of the streak is to drop in under control on three unbroken waves).  Luckily, I had the day off so I ran to Malibu on a tip from my buddy Scott Valor and scored fun shoulder high waves all afternoon. The 1000th day was definitely no day at the beach. It was victory at sea conditions at Manhattan pier. About 8 of us managed to paddle out and get some fun wind peaks. It seemed very fitting that we had to earn that 1000th day.

Where do you surf when the waves are microscopic?

I never really have a problem with the waves being too small because I’m a little guy and I own a WAVESTORM. I can catch waves on that board that never even really break.

Explain the personal sacrifices made to keep the streak going?

The only personal sacrifices that I have had to make for the streak have to do with my own comfort level. There are some mornings that are windy, rainy, and cold. But I go anyway. The only real traveling I do is to San Diego and I can always surf there.photo


How long do you plan on surfing everyday?

I know for sure that the streak will reach 3 years (end of next month). Beyond that, I really don’t know. The record is 38 years so I’m not going to be setting any records. I just made Principal starting next school year and that may impede my ability to surf every morning.  Even when the streak ends, I will still surf every day because I love it.

Is there anybody you’d like to thank that’s supported you along the way?

I have to thank my family and friends for being so supportive. Luckily, everyone in my family surfs so they get it. I also would like to thank my surf bros from Manhattan Pier, 26th street, and Rosecrans. The streak was born at the pier but has lived on at all those spots and it has been so fun to get to know all the locals. I personally think the surf in the South Bay is underrated. When it gets good, it gets GOOD! (and I plan on being there the next time it does!) DZ



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