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My Mom Found my Fireworks: Will Reid footage [VIDEO]

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A lot of times when I’m filming with someone like Wil Reid I forget that he’s only 15 years old and a freshman in high school. Driving around checking the surf you start talking about contests, travel schedules, sponsors, grown up things like that. Then while getting pizza for lunch he shows you how to barely screw the cap on the container of parmesan cheese so it pours the entire thing onto the next person’s pizza, and you realize that he’s just a kid. A kid that surfs a lot more like an adult than a kid.

The title of the edit comes simply from something Wil said after he got off the phone one day before we walked down to the beach.

Surfing: Wil Reid (@wilreid)
Directed, Filmed, Edited: Kevin Jansen (@robotsfrom)

Peaking Lights- Silver Tongues, Soft Whispers
Cherry Glazerr- Sweaty Faces


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