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McHattie catches final wave at Boneyards in Palos Verdes

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Dale McHattie was an aggressive surfer, despite a debilitating neurological disease.

Dale McHattie was sitting on his board at Boneyards in Palos Verdes, after having caught a nice wave and paddling back to the lineup, when he fell backwards into the water. Fellow surfers Steve and Gary Randle pulled him from the water and rushed him to shore. But despite 45 minutes of CPR at the foot of the Cove cliffs, they were unable to resuscitate him.

The Randles said he died with a smile on his face. He had been suffering for several years from a debilitating, neurological disease when he passed away Wednesday, March 29. He was 51.

McHattie attended Rolling Hills High school and graduated from USC’s Entrepreneur Program in 1990.

“He was rock in the community. Despite his own struggles, he was always there to help others with their struggles,” a fellow Boneyard surfer said.

McHattie is survived by his brother Dave, sister Kary, father Doug and countless surfing brothers and sisters. A paddleout and celebration of his life will be held Saturday, April 22 at Haggerty’s in Palos Verdes. ER

Dale McHattie was a standout surfer at Boneyards.


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