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Manhattan Beach’s Polliwog Park becomes Polliwog Lake

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Polliwog Park on Monday morning. Photo by Brad Jacobson

Manhattan Beach’s Polliwog Park has once again flooded, due to the heavy rains that began late last week. The City noted on its Facebook page that Polliwog is actually designed to flood: 

“It looks pretty dramatic, but remember, Polliwog Lake is just doing its job. The pond functions as a retention basin for LA County and is designed to store stormwater during rain events, like the ones we’ve had recently,” the Facebook post noted. “LA County regulates the amount of water that flows through the pump station based on the capacity of the stormwater system at that time. In times of significant weather, they allow the lake to store the water until it’s able to enter the system without overwhelming it.”

The City also cautioned residents not to treat the park as a swimming facility: “That said, please be careful when Polliwog experiences this increased use and stay out of the water. If you have questions about Polliwog Lake or how the City manages its storm water, please contact our Public Works department at (310)802-5303.”

Story on Polliwog’s use as a stormwater basin to follow. 


Photos by Brad Jacobson

Photos by Kevin Cody


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