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Letters to the Editor 6-15-17

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Lieu trumps Trump’s service

Dear ER:

As a Vietnam combat veteran I’ve gotten much-needed help from Ted Lieu’s staff in dealing with the Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs (“The rise of Ted Lieu,” ER June 8, 2017). And I appreciate the effort he made to be allowed to enlist in the Air Force, despite his vision problem. It’s even more impressive when you consider the fact that the current tough-talking occupant of The White House took five deferments to avoid serving.

Ross Yosnow

Redondo Beach



Dear ER:

Ted Lieu should resign his Air Force commission or be court martialed if he wishes to continue his attacks on the President’s mental capacity to do the job.

Edmund Purcell

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Lieu McCarthy

Dear ER:

Congressman Ted Lieu is not doing the work of the people he represents (“The rise of Ted Lieu,” ER June 8, 2017). Instead, Lieu chooses to inject a progressive virus into the hearts and minds of voters by constantly making misleading statements about President Trump. He is out for personal gain, fame and rank in the Democratic National Leadership. To be promoted up the DNC ladder, he must carry the smoggy torch of smoke and mirrors into the front lines of political backstabbing and deception. The whole Russia scandal is McCarthyism reinvented. The real evidence of collusion is between the President’s opponents and the Press, which are publishing lies touted as truthful leaks.

Trent Larson

Hermosa Beach



Dear ER:

I hope Ted Lieu runs for president in 2020 (“The rise of Ted Lieu,” ER June 8, 2017). He’s got my vote and I’m not even a Democrat.

Faith Michele

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Sands of the time

Dear ER:

The Manhattan Beach 6-Man Volleyball Tournament that when “south” five years ago was actually two events: the tournament and the party (“Manhattan Beach’s 6 Man volleyball tournament will run on Friday, Saturday,” ER June 8, 2016). The later ruined it for the former. Revelers could have  cared less for the tourney and vice versa. What ruined it all was social media and texting, which increased the crowds by tens of thousands. Event founder Charlie Saikley Sr. must have rolled over  in his grave. I think he would be happy with this compromise of a Friday and Saturday event. The Sands of Time will tell.

Dennis Duke Noor

Manhattan Beach


Dear ER:

Social media is going viral through the frat houses, promoting the return of the 6-Man Drunkfest. And now there’s Uber and Lyft.

Sharon Arias

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Taxpayers’ cut

Dear ER:

I am deeply opposed to the City of Redondo Beach renewing the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce contract. For years they have misused taxpayer dollars to support their political action committee. They have a FPPC investigation regarding their activities. I value having a Chamber in the city, but do not support public tax dollars allocated to support a political action committee. The Chamber has held candidate interviews inside the Chamber of Commerce (tax dollars are used to pay the rent) and used the chamber credit card machine (paid for by tax dollars) to accept donations to various political action committees The chamber CEO has used her city email to send out and receive PAC emails and chamber employees staff the political action events. Thank you Mayor Brand,  and councilmembers Todd  Lowenstein and Nils Nehrenheim for finally being a voice of residents and asking the right.

Candace Nafissi

Redondo Beach


The campaign goes on

Dear ER:

Rescue our Waterfront co-founder and Redondo Beach Measure C co-author Wayne Craig circulated an email on June 6 and that evening went before the Redondo Beach City Council spreading malicious statements about the Chamber and candidates, stating “…buckets of tax dollars…surreptitiously finds its way into our elections.” And “They used their war chest to help support the elections of…Doug Rodriguez.” My 460 filing shows no such support. Not one dime towards my candidacy came from the Chamber PAC, nor did I receive the endorsement of the Chamber PAC. Councilman Todd Loewenstein callously said, “Truth is the first casualty in politics” at last month’s council meeting. This attitude is certainly not one to which I subscribe. During the election, there were implications against me of “follow the money,” “in the pocket of CenterCal,” or that I “support the Mall by the Sea” — all baseless soundbites. During the March city council campaign my opponents campaigned on “traffic” and “overdevelopment.”  Facts: Between 2009 and 2015 there were 72 net new units across the entire city, or one per month. How much slower growth can we get? At the Pacific Coast Highway and and Palos Verdes Dr. intersection, between 1994 and 2014, traffic decreased from 36,000 daily car trips to 32,000 (Sources” city issued building permits and Caltrans traffic study).  Stop the lies    

Doug Rodriguez

Redondo Beach resident

Former District 2 Council Candidate


Safety fair

Dear ER:

The PCC (Beach Cities Prevention Community Council) would like to thank the City of Hermosa Beach and the Hermosa Beach Police Department for their support of our youth alcohol and drug prevention activities, held at the Hermosa Beach Community Safety Fair on June 3. We also want to thank our partners at Behavioral Health Services, South Bay Families Connected, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), ABC (Alcohol and Beverage Control), Jackie Huynh with Parent Pump Radio, and our guest speaker and Art Therapist/MFT Anna Pirkl. “We all have our own [trauma], but we have the power to own it and move forward,” Pirkl said.

Eric Izzo

Behavioral Health Services, Inc.



[Editor’s note: The following letter by Redondo Beach City Councilman John Gran originally appeared in the June 1, 2017 Easy Reader. An editing error altered the meaning of a key point in the letter. The letter is reprinted below, with the error corrected.]

Dear ER:

The “will of the people” is defined as our democracy and the set of laws that govern us. The judicial and legislative processes, albeit slow and painful, serve as checks and balances to thoroughly vet changes to our laws.  Our democratic process has no short cuts and is specifically designed to save us from ourselves and truly establish the “will of the people.” By definition, 2010’s Measure G is the “will of the people.” It has endured the legal and legislative processes and the California Coastal Commission (CCC) certified that Measure G conforms to California law.  Therefore, Measure C is currently the “want of the people.” Winning a ballot initiative is a first step. Now Measure C must stand on its own before the Courts and the CCC. Once it has gone through both processes, it then becomes the “will of the people.” At a recent city council meeting, the Redondo Beach City Council sent Measure C on its course. If our democratic process finds issues, it is possible that Measure C, in whole or in part, may be deemed “not legal” and portions may be changed or stricken. Whether you were for or against Measure C, you can trust that the Courts and the CCC certification process will ultimately save us from ourselves and truly determine the “will of the people.” Measure G is law, and Measure C is now in democracy’s hands.  

John Gran

Redondo Beach City Council Member



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