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Letters to the Editor 5-11-17

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Council rises to the challenge

Dear ER:

Kudos to the Manhattan Beach City Council for approving the Gelson’s Market (“Gelson’s supermarket approved by council,” ER May 4, 2017). It is edifying to know that the Council supports the greater good of our community, not only by providing closer access to a grocery store, but also by reducing the carbon footprint of not having to drive across town. Thank you City Council, for rising to the needs of our city and our planet. The words of the poet Emily Dickinson capture my sentiments: “We never know how high we are / Till we are called to rise; / And then, if we are true to plan, / Our statures touch the skies.”

Tom Kaminski

Manhattan Beach


Blood in the streets

Dear ER:

After 30 months of bitter debate, the Gelson’s Market was finally approved by the Manhattan Beach City Council (“Gelson’s supermarket approved by council,” ER May 4, 2017). Developer  Paragon and the City Council are the big winners. Gelson’s neighborhood residents are the big losers. Increased traffic (3,062  new daily car trips), increased  crime and air pollution. Sepulveda Boulevard, between 2nd  St. and 8th St. is called  “Bloody Corridor” because of all the accidents. Gelson’s Market will cause the blood to flow through the feeder streets, into the neighborhood.

Robert Bush

Manhattan Beach


Permit or rezone

Dear ER:

A great deal of confusion has come out of the Gelson’s controversy in Manhattan Beach. The result of putting enormous roadblocks to building high-end commercial projects on Sepulveda Boulevard, combined with the prohibition against building residential projects in the same area puts a freeze on these properties. Gelson’s is a company of good standing and reputation. It proposes a legitimate use in the much needed upgrading of the blighted and vacant buildings that are currently found on Sepulveda Boulevard. If a commercial use is deemed inappropriate for the area, then the zoning should be changed to allow residential or parkland use so that the cleaning up and upgrading of Sepulveda Boulevard can move forward. If you live next to a property zoned commercial, then you can expect that the property will be used for a commercial purpose. If residents don’t like this, then we should change the code and allow commercial property owners to benefit from their properties by allowing other types of use. The seemingly endless discussion on Gelson’s discourages anyone who may be interested in further enhancing Sepulveda Blvd.

Tony Choueke

Manhattan Beach

RB voter still waiting

Dear ER:

So what has happened since Redondo voters overwhelmingly passed Measure C in March?   Stalling tactics, legal maneuverings, the will of the people being ignored (and not just locally) — in other words, business as usual (“Tempers flare at Redondo council meeting over Measure C,” ER. May 4, 2017). How can a concerned citizen believe that they can make a difference when corruption, political influence and greed rule the day?
Brian Hittelman
Redondo Beach


Undebatable choice

Dear Editor,

Two basic points show who the clear choice is in the Redondo Beach District 1 runoff between Nils Nehrenheim and Martha Barbee. Nehrenheim is a studied and engaged Redondo citizen who has missed only one City Council meeting in the past year. He reads every agenda beforehand and speaks on multiple subjects at every meeting. Nehrenheim has invited Barbee multiple times to a public debate, and she has declined. Her supporters claim that she is dedicated to truth and transparency and believes in holding dialogue for neighbors to share opinions. And yet she doesn’t feel the public deserves an open dialogue between herself and her opponent. Mail in your ballot for Nehrenheim if you want someone who has a proven record of fighting for the good of this city, and strongly believes in an informed public.

Lara Duke

Redondo Beach


Utility player

Dear ER

Redondo Beach District 1 Council candidate Martha Barbee inspires trust. She is fair, thoughtful and conscientious on every issue. She does not focus on just one point of view. Barbee works on the non-glamourous issues with just as much passion as glamorous issues. She has been a key advocate on many safety and crime issues. She is working on a compassionate solution to the homeless. She has been quick to solve residents’ concerns about street maintenance, power outages and water outages. Barbee is a volunteer in the community. She owns two homes in Redondo Beach and has raised smart, independent children. She is concerned with clean beaches and parks, with keeping our city free of crime, and making sure the city budget balances. Barbee is about keeping Redondo safe, keeping Redondo beautiful and keeping Redondo financially stable. Please join me in voting for Martha Barbee for City Council District 1.

Vicky Oetzell

Redondo Beach


Pets’ best friends

Dear ER:

The Hermosa Beach Friends of the Parks Second Annual Pets in the Park was a huge success thanks to the community, volunteers, sponsors and esteemed guests.  Pets in the Park delivered on its mission to celebrate Pets in Hermosa Beach and provide services and education promoting responsible pet parenting. This event also gives the opportunity to connect South Bay’s small businesses and pet rescue organizations with residents. Emcee Michael Moloney of HGTV and DJ Abraham insured that everyone was having a great time and Bow Wow Boutique’s owner Jose Acosta merrily led the pet parade, as he has done for many years.

I would love to thank the village who made this event possible — the tireless parks and rec staff, community services, public works, Hermosa Police Department, CERT, Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, Dr. Alice Villalobos and our esteemed city council, new city manager Sergio Gonzalez, community leaders and commissioners. The young adult volunteers from Key Club, Circle K, Boy Scouts and the Builders Club deserve a special shout out. Thank you to Hermosa’s local Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs for supporting the event.

Hugs, champagne and much gratitude to the enthusiastic Hermosa Beach Friends of the Parks supporters, volunteers, members and board who spent many an evening planning, prepping and laughing as we prepared for this successful Friends of the Park Signature event.

The Friends of the Parks and the Pets in the Park committees are also very thankful for the generosity of the local businesses who sponsored the many activities, including the Pet Adoption Zone, Pet Parade, Pet Tricks, Face Painting, Dogafit, DJ, Photographer, Blessings and Pet Water Spot – Bow Wow Boutique, Camp-Run-A-Mutt South Bay, Animal Hospital of South Bay, Healthy Spot, Kriser’s Natural Pet, Concierge Mobile Animal Hospital, Kustom Katios, Baja Sharkeez, Grateful Dogs Clubhouse, dog’s best friend, The Puppy Academy, Beach House Hotel and Athens Services. Local shops and artists also provided fantastic raffle donations. For a full list of sponsors, activities and photos from the event, please visit our website hbfop.org.

I am thrilled to share that several pups and cats were adopted this past Saturday, many pets were registered and licensed with the city, vaccinated and chipped to insure their safety & well-being and blessed by our local clergy: Rabbi Katz, Father Joe, Pastor Schjeldahl and Pastor Israel.

It is community events like Pets in the Park that Keep Hermosa Hermosa.

Maureen Ferguson Lewis

Chairperson, HBFOP


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