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Hermosa Beach Police News; Jan. 24 – Feb. 2

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Burnt Coffee

A coffee pot caught fire on the 1100 Block of 7th Street on Jan. 24. The Police and Fire Departments responded to the incident and reported that there was smoke and fire inside the location and minor damage was incurred.

Rims ripped off

Four rim caps were stolen from a Ford Expedition on Jan. 28 on 11th Street and Valley.

Fake bill

A counterfeit $100 bill was used at a Hermosa Beach business on the 1100 Block of PCH on Jan. 29. According to the police, the involved party told officers that he received the bill from a bank.

 Bottle fight

A fight broke out at a bar the 200 Block of PCH on Feb. 1. According to police, the subject was struck with a bottle and suffered laceration to his jaw, but refused medical attention.

Confused friend

Officers responded to a home on the 300 Block of PCH on Feb. 1 after an unknown woman knocked on the door. Officers made contact with her, and she told police that she was not from the area and thought she was at her friend’s apartment. She was then escorted to her brother’s house in Hermosa Beach.

Wipers swiped

Windshield wipers were ripped off vehicles on 22nd Street and Hermosa Ave. on Feb. 2. Around 6 a.m. Police responded and the man was arrested.

Drunk attack

A passenger that was arrested for a DUI was reported to have attacked a pedestrian who was walking by the 2100 Block of Hermosa Ave on Feb. 2. Officers reported that the subject was arrested for battery.ER



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