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Hermosa Beach Police News; Jan. 14 – 24

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Joy ride

A 2012 Mercedes Benz e320 was stolen from a garage on the 700 block of 1st Street on Jan. 14 around 5 p.m. The car as well as four suspects were arrested with the Mercedes Benz in Redondo Beach the next day and are suspected of multiple thefts and burglaries in the South Bay.


Computer hacker

A laptop was stolen from the front seat of a car on Jan. 14 while the victim worked out at a gym. Police said that the laptop was in plain view and no force was needed to open the vehicle and steal the computer.


Kicking and spitting

A business employee on 11th Street flagged an officer down on Jan. 21 around 1:29 a.m. The employee said that there was an intoxicated man kicking and spitting on the rear door of their business. The subject was arrested.


Brass pipes

Over three feet, $3,000 worth of brass water pipes were removed from the 400 block of PCH around 1:30 on Jan. 21.


Fake bill

A pizza delivery boy spotted a fraudulent $100 bill when he picked up a pizza from the 2700 block of PCH on Jan. 22. The suspect ordered another pizza while the deliveryman was there and paid for it with the change given to him by the employee.


Burnt coffee

A coffee pot caught fire on the 1100 Block of 7th Street on Jan. 24. The Police and Fire Departments responded to the incident and reported that there was smoke and fire inside the location and minor damage was incurred. ER



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