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Hermosa Beach Pier Avenue parking to go digital

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Hermosa Beach will finally be upgrading parking technology on Pier Avenue by installing 150 single-space parking meters that accept credit cards.

“I think it’s great,” said Councilmen Peter Tucker. “[We’re] really put the finishing touches on our pier. This will help make us up-to-date with what people expect.”

According to Finance Director Vicki Copeland, the meters cost $499 each and cost $8.50 a month for upkeep. The meter company, Duncan Liberty, will exchange eight multi-space meters purchased in October 2010 for a credit to the city of $62,160. Because of the exchange, the new meters will cost the city around $8,000 from the Equipment Replacement Fund.

“It’s a good deal for us,” said Copeland. “We’ve had those other meters for a couple of years.”

Copeland also added that the new meters could potentially save the city money because the batteries are solar powered.

Councilmember Howard Fishman was worried about taking away the master key program. Copeland suggested that they could switch out the cash keys for smart cards in the future. She also said that more programs could be added, such as phone apps that allow people to add money to their meter through their phone.

The report states that multi-space meters were originally purchased for the parking structure, Lot A, Lot B and Pier Avenue. After the meters were operation in the off-street lots, it was determined that more meters were needed in all locations. A pilot program in the fall was determined to be a success. “And if approved we can get these installed in about a week,” Copeland said.


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