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Hermosa Beach Oil Drilling draft EIR released for public scrutiny

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The Draft Environmental Impact Report for the potential E&B oil drilling project in Hermosa Beach was released Thursday morning after almost six months of preparation.

The over 1,000 page document is intended to address E&B’s proposal for development of 30 oil and gas wells on the City’s 1.3-acre public works maintenance yard. The document was prepared by a city-appointed independent consultant firm, Marine Research Specialists. It will be available for public review and comment for 60 days after Feb. 13. There will also be multiple opportunities for the public to comment on the DEIR on Mar. 8 and April 2 and 10.

The DEIR includes a project description, identifies environmental impacts and measures to mitigate those impacts. Two supplemental studies commissioned by the city to evaluate impacts not directly addressed in the DEIR – a Health Impact Assessment and a Cost Benefit Analysis, evaluate the potential health and financial impacts to the community.

Written comments on all three reports may be submitted via email to oilproject@hermosbch.org. Comments can be addressed to Ken Robertson, Community Development Department, 1315 Valley Drive or by calling 310-318-0242.


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