Esther Kang

Fire hydrant knocked over in Manhattan Beach, causes traffic delays, erosion

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Just after 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, the Manhattan Beach Fire Department responded to a fire hydrant that had been knocked over near 45th Street and Highland Avenue, impacting northbound traffic on Highland Avenue, City Manager Dave Carmany said in a press release.

One residential property was also impacted, but there was no apparent damage, Carmany said. Crews were able to turn off the water within approximately one hour and regular traffic flow resumed. Public Works Department crews are currently on the scene to complete repairs.

The resulting water runoff flowed westward down 45th Street but did not cause damage to any homes. The water runoff did cause significant erosion to the beach and the berm. Los Angeles County Lifeguards were notified of the incident.

Manhattan Beach residents may be seeing what appears to be cloudy water coming out of their taps for a short period of time, Carmany said. Residents are advised to let their water run until it appears clear.


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