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Featured Photo: Whale of a tale

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Blue whales in Redondo Canyon

A friend of HookBuzz, Brent Meyer took the photo of the group from his boat while a blue whale swam by.

It seems the whales are not through exploring Redondo Beach for the summer. Clark McNulty submitted this photo his friend Brent Meyer shot of his boat over the weekend off the coast of Palos Verdes near the Redondo Canyon.

“The Blue Whales were out feeding like I have neve seen in my 30+ years of boating in these waters,” said McNulty in an email. “I have grown up in Palos Verdes and I’m an avid diver, surfer, boater and water guy.”

 McNulty and his crew were headed back from diving off Lunada Bay when they ran into seven to ten blue whales feeding on krill.

“What an awesome sight to see the massive animals swallow everything in their paths. A year ago or so we started a small online retail company called HookBuzz.com where we sell fishing, diving and marine products. It was an attempt to pay for the lifestyle that we enjoy so much and it payed off this weekend,” McNulty said.

To see more photographs of his adventures with whales and other water sports, visit the hook buzz website.


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