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The Nightlife: 5 Divey Dive Bars of the South Bay

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Legendary South Bay dive bar. Photo courtesy: facebook.

Sad Closing: Buzz Pop Candy Shop. Last day is Sunday, Jan 29. Everything must go!. . .Newly opened: Dickey’s BBQ in Redondo Beach. It was worth the flossing. . . . New signage: Establishment continues to tease us. It has to open one day, right? Opponents be damned. Budokan sign is in place, but still closed as well. . . .Frosted Cupcakery shows interest in former Coffee Bean spot. . . .HBYP Mixer on Feb. 2 will be at Rockefeller with new chef Wesley Pumphrey and new menu. . . .Jazz vocalist Erin Boheme will be playing at The Strand House on Sunday evenings through February (except Super Bowl). No cover. . . .Keepin’ the Peace: Security Host Tim, cuddly Grizzly Bear at Watermans. . . .Celebrity Sighting: Steven Tyler and Joe Perry at Pedone’s Pizza. . . .Unsung Hero: computer fixer Tom Serafin, in the flatiron building next to El Gringo.

5 Divey Dive Bars:

Mermaid and Ercoles are too classy for this list. Idea came from reader John Valencia, who has since moved to San Francisco and neglected to escort me on this mission.

1. Pats II—Within 0.8 seconds of my entry, I was greeted with a “You’re sexy” by some startled pool players. Pirate Dave calls this place “a South Redondo neighborhood bar where locals feel comfortable and can walk home. Sometimes drama. Mostly not.” This place serves drinks garnish-free and they’re proud of it.

2. Thirsty Club—Zig-zag shaped bar with glowing black lights. Karaoke. Slidey puck game. People laughing at own jokes. Smokers abound.

3. Bogey’s—Brightly lit. Clean air. Had girls. Pretty ones! Sports theme. Foosball. Pool. Comedy night. Wine tasting. Two ATM’s, one working.

4. BAC Street Lounge—Smells clean. Looks clean. Okay to wash your hair beforehand. Pool, video poker, top 40 music. Friendly bartender and patron.

5. The Castle—Normal looking people. Apparently being west of PCH does make a difference in clientele. This is where ladies come to drink while their nose job is still healing, bandages and all. Pool. Trophies. Animal hats.

If you feel the desire to go to places ending in -wood, –thorne, or -dale, as opposed to Beach, maybe try The Greatest, Eagle’s Nest, or The Falcon. My quota is full.

My Favorite Thing Week #4: Faux fur pillows & scarves at Fernando’s Clothing Boutique.

Lots more cool stuff that just won’t fit:


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