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Denim made for men- Deep Pocket Jeans

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Photo by Chelsea Sektnan

In the heart of Hermosa, an innovative twist on an old classic was recently born. Deep Pocket Jeans, an American-made denim collection and classic men’s store came together when Dave Mercer hired designer David Borgatta for a marketing job. While working together, they found themselves chatting about jeans, denim and the lack of a quality shopping experience for men. During the conversation, Mercer asked Borgatta, “Why don’t they make jeans for men? Real, American-made jeans with deep pockets?” The two laughed at the question but soon realized that their time had come to do something about it, and Deep Pocket Jeans was officially born. Borgatta said that their jeans have less tricks, higher quality and better wearability than most men’s jeans. Their jeans, Borgatta said, have a way of becoming your favorite jeans and adapt to the wearer’s individual personality and lifestyle. They also have shirts, jackets, hats, scarves, grooming items, shaving supplies and a top quality Cigar Humidor with over 40 brands of cigars, including their own label. They also have a cigar patio outside the store and an old school 1930’s working barber shop. “There is a great vibe and conversation going,” said Borgatta. “While we watch sports and hang out, we enjoy the experience in a way that most shops probably could not achieve.” Deep Pocket Jeans range from $90 to $185 depending on the wash and denim. Other items in the shop range from $10 to $600 from small gifts to outerwear, leather bags and watches. 200 Pier Ave Suite 201, Hermosa Beach. 310-379-5201 or www.deeppocketjeancompany.com


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