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Redondo Beach council approves bike-themed art project

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Artist Amos Robinson's San Diego "Love My Bike" installation.

Artist Amos Robinson’s San Diego “Love My Bike” installation.

Tuesday night, the Redondo Beach City Council moved to approve Leadership Redondo’s preliminary plans for a bike-themed art installation at Herondo Street and Harbor Gateway. The project, designed by San Diego artist Amos Robinson and named “Love My Bike,” will be a stainless steel bicycle suspended 11 feet off the bike path with moving wheels.

Leadership Redondo Class of 2013 representative Jeff Melodia spoke on behalf of the group and presented a small-scale model of the design.

“One of our suggestions is to customize the inner pieces of the wheels, with things like the city seal or other aspects of the harbor,” Melodia said. “It is moveable piece so it does not have to be permanent. It will be high enough to be out of the way of vandalism and any hardscaping that is done will not be impertinent. This is just the initial concept. We plan on coming back with more engineering specifics as well as other design and color options.”

“My art taste stopped at Grateful Dead posters,” said Mayor Steve Aspel.  “But it looks cool to me.”

The artist also spoke at Tuesday’s meeting and emphasized the positive reaction similar projects have received in San Diego.

“I get great feedback from all over,” said Robinson. “We have a group of Wounded Warriors that start their weekly ride at my piece every weekend. It is a centerpiece. I even got emails from tourists from Japan who saw it in San Diego and loved it.”

“I think it’s a great project,” Aspel said. “And it’s great that you can afford it. You are raising money yourselves so you aren’t asking for any taxpayer money. “

The council approved the plan and location unanimously, moving the project into the next stage of design and fundraising.


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