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Civic Couch Online Surf Magazine October ISSUE!

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Check out Surf Photographer and Drop Zone Advocate Brad Jacobson’s recent issue of Civic Couch. Jacobson captures the beat of local wave junkies in their natural habitat of the sand bars and breaks in our domain, the southern-most corner pocket of the Santa Monica Bay.

Duck and Cover and pray to get to the other side, young “Tiger Beat,” Josh Gilberts, lock and loaded shoots through the pinwheel.

As Mike Love of the Beach Boys once sang, “Tach it up, Tach it up, buddy gonna shut you down,” Jacobson adjusts the shutter speed as Tyler Hatzikian accelerates through the section and shuts down the competition.

Chris Wells, aka “Wellzy,” is hot potatoes in the South Bay right now. He has the knack of being in the right place…at the right time. Here he is jumping into the fryer and coming out hotter than a steak french fry.


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