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Best of the Beach 2014, Underground Shaper of the Year: Dan Cobley of Danc Surfboards

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cobley69Q&A with Dan Cobley of Danc Surfboards

Q. What’s the key to your success as underground shaper?

A. My outfit? [Cobley was sporting his cyclist tights, matching Spy Optic Sunglasses and his trademark tooth gap that I was disappointed to hear is going to be filled in with a new tooth.] Perseverance and customer satisfaction. As much as it as a job for me, it’s important to make good surfboards. It’s all about making better surfboards. I’d do it for free, but I’ve got eat.

Do you plan on going over ground?

Crawling out of my pit? No, yes, no, I don’t know, maybe? It seems easier to work for a corporation getting insurance and job security. At a certain point, you take responsibility realizing the hours you put in and it’s like, “Shoot, I’m only making $5.”  But, you just keep going. Shaping is not a job for buying a house or retiring. If you decide to go big, then you’re not making surfboards. You’re making a business. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m in it to make surfboards. If I was to go “big,” I’d go into a different, more profitable business, hahaha.”

640 Cypress Ave. Hermosa Beach.(310) 469-2671. ES

Runner-up: Mark Kawadoki of Kawadoki Surfboard Designs don@kadowakisurfboards.com


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