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Barfly – Ragin Cajun, yard sale, wine tastings

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Jessica O’Hearns and her Bloody Mary special

Jessica O’Hearns and her Bloody Mary special

Heeee’s Baaaack: Don’t let the Hermosa construction at the original location of Stephen Domingue’s Ragin Cajun deter you, just head north to Plaza El Segundo to get your jambalaya feel good fix. If you haven’t broken the beach cities barrier yet to check out the new location, next week may be the time to do it as Domingue is hosting a Bayou Bash on Saturday/Sunday, April 30 and May 1 in the parking lot of his new store front. For more info check out ragincajun.com. Keep the faith and go support the man who has supported us for nearly two decades…

You Can Take The Barfly Out of Hermosa But: I participated in a yard sale last weekend at a friend’s house in Gardena – it’s amazing how just a few miles inland equals ten degrees warmer and sun so strong it browned my Italian skin as if I had been on the Amalfi Coast for a week! We began the bargaining at 7 a.m. Saturday morning and some time just after noon I noticed a bottle of tequila and margarita mix in my friend Scott’s kitchen. I enlisted my haggling partner Angela in the margarita mayhem and we walked outside arm in arm singing, “Daddy? Can we shake up some margies?” At that point the funniest line of the weekend was uttered: Scott’s friend Hector came by to hang out with us, and to get away from his own yard sale in the valley which must have been aflame if my “degree: location” ratio is on point. He was locked in on his iPhone all day, probably reassuring his wife that he would be home “soon,” when Angela and I sang our request. Without skipping a beat, half a second after we asked if we could shake up some margies, he looked up, stood up, put his phone in his pocket, grabbed his keys, said, “I’ll get the ice!” and was in his car in a flash. Both Angela and Scott turned to me and said, “Wow, people really do listen to you don’t they?” Yes, follow me into battle; I assure you a buzz to make the fight that much sweeter…

Put That in Your Croissant and Smoke it Frenchy: I recently got some important info from my friend Phil Ludwig, the Cork Dork who aids in the weekly Monday wine tastings at Second City Bistro, El Segundo, 6 p.m. Apparently, after 200-plus years of trying, it has been officially announced that in 2010 the United States out drank the French and we are now the largest annual wine consumers in the world. Now we must all do our part to maintain this title! There are many weekly wine tastings around the South Bay including Mondays at Second City Bistro, Mondays at Café Pierre, MB, Tuesdays at Zazou, Riviera Village, RB, daily at Sepulveda Wine Company, Sepulveda, MB, 2-7 p.m., daily at Friends of the Vine, Avenida del Norte, RB, Tuesday-Saturday at Bacchus, Manhattan Ave, Thursdays at The Bottle Inn, 22nd Street, HB, Bristol Farms, Rosecrans, MB, call (310) 643-5529 for times, Fleming’s, Rosecrans, MB, call (310) 643-9911 for times, and many more. Ask for it at your fave place, they may want to join the club and help keep us one step ahead of our froggy friends. …

Oh The Characters We Meet: One repeat customer of the now infamous Barfly yard sale was a local artist/comedian/HB drum circle participant/local bar patron named Randy. He told me about the mission one of my fellow bartenders is on and asked if I can help in her plight. Jessica, “bartendress” at O’Hearns, Aviation, RB, has been working on her Bloody Mary night and day and is hoping to make a name for herself by shaking up the best one in the South Bay through the magic of her recipe and mixing technique. It helps that her potion in a pint glass sells for just $7 and includes a chaser of beer (for those Marys out there who can’t handle their Bloody on its own). For more info call O’Hearns at (310) 374-9234, and if you run into my friend Randy, ask him to do his carpet cleaning bit, he’s got some good humor splashing around in that vodka soaked brain of his.


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