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The 43rd Annual Easy Reader Writing and Photography Contest

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Second place, photography: "Dolphin in Glass" by Mike McKinney

Second place, photography: “Dolphin in Glass” by Mike McKinney

“Write, shoot, and sell”: a note from Kevin Cody, Easy Reader publisher

Grand prize winners: “Phillip the Shark” fiction by J.E. Marshall, “Madrona Marsh Frog” photo by Mike Barbee

“Faithless” essay by J.E. Morse, “Boy in fog” photo by Marc Brocum

“Retirony” fiction by Rory Parker, “On the rocks” photo by Steve Fujinaka

“Bursting the bubble” essay by Brian Carroll, “Evening session” photo by Paul Anderson

“Hazel Street” essay by Dave Simeineski, “Girl at sunset” photo by Mike Chickey

“Pleasures of the pizza parlor” essay by Steve Fulton, “El Porto” photo by Samantha Gerada

“The Crew does Soledad” essay by Steve Varalyay, “Dorymen” photo by Joel Gitelson

“Days of Jazz and Insomnia” poem by Wanda VanHoy Smith, “An engagement with love” photo by Cat Eskilson

“The Journey Home” essay by Brit Tashjian, “South Bay Dozen” photo by Randy Ruby

“The Clipper Wind n’ Sea” essay by Don Ruane, “Room with a view” photo by Matthew DeVito

“Golden Days at Perry Park” essay by Pete Whalon, photo “Mushroom” by Matt Wachtfogel

“Racing down the Esplanade” essay by Denise Kano, “Rolling wave” photo by Beverly Gates

“A Vietnam appreciation” essay by Brian Mackerer, “Misty Eye” photo by Jeff Wright

Third place, photography: "Grasshopper versus ant at the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden" by Dave Weldon

Third place, photography: “Grasshopper versus ant at the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden” by Dave Weldon


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