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Straight outta El Segundo: Cab 20

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Cab 20, who play Oct 14 at 11 p.m. in downtown LA and locally on Saturday, Oct 15 at 6 p.m. at The Comic Bug.

When asked where their band name comes from, Cab 20 replies with a facetious question in return…

“Where did we all come from?”

Some would say the loins of the Almighty. Crosby, Stills, and Nash imply that we’re all stardust from the remnants of a supernova explosion (looking for that nebula to fertilize). As for Cab 20, it’s simple: they come from the Rock n’ Roll God.

Cab 20 is an El Segundo-born rock and roll trio. They are Bert Hoover (guitar, vocals), Jason Almanza (bass, keys), and Eric Contreras (drums). Hoover and Almanza are Gundo boys, while Contreras hails from Fullerton.

“I just graduated from the local [El Segundo] High School,” says Hoover. “It sucked.”

Well, High School may not have been his cup of tea, but music seems to agree with Mr. Hoover. Cab 20 currently has a full-length vinyl LP under their belts, a recently released 4-track EP, and are energetically shredding out their chunky rock n’ roll to any venue that will take them.

While their live sound is liable to wander with surprising transitions, their general approach is straightforward, raw rock. They draw influence from bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and The Rolling Stones, but many would also make the connection to The White Stripes.

“We play Rock n’ Roll,” says Hoover, as straightforward as their sound.

“Dirty Rock n’ Roll,” adds Contreras.

Hoover also admits, “We like to try and get the ladies dancing.”

They recently played Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, but are more often found rocking throughout the cities of the greater Los Angeles area. However, this Saturday, Oct 15, they’re playing locally at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach.

Cab 20 has enjoyed exposure from both KSPC college radio in Claremont and our own KXLU at Loyola Marymount University, and can always be heard streaming on They’re currently back in the studio working toward the release of another new LP.

Cab 20 plays this Friday, Oct 14 at 11 p.m. with Raheem Cohen at the Mezz in downtown LA (on 5th and Spring), and locally on Saturday, Oct 15 at 6 p.m. at The Comic Bug with psychedelic blues-rock band Buffalo Electric. The shop is located at 1807 Manhattan Beach Blvd, and can be reached for more info at 310-372-6704. Cab 20’s LP “Dirty Smiles” and EP “Cactus” can both be heard on, as well as music by the Buffalo Electric.

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