January 18, 2017  Richard Foss

A La Carte: Dining News For 19 January 2017

One Problem Solved, Bigger One Created… People who go to restaurant websites usually want to know one of three things: where it is, when it’s…

Great ambitions take flight at The Great Room
 January 11, 2017  Richard Foss

Great ambitions take flight at The Great Room

The Great Room, and when you first enter you might not think of it as a child-oriented business at all. …

North Italia defies expectations
 January 10, 2017  Richard Foss

North Italia defies expectations

Whenever I experience a new restaurant, I ask myself some obvious questions: do they show basic competence at food and service, create a pleasant environment,…

The ten best new restaurants
 January 9, 2017  Richard Foss

The ten best new restaurants

by Richard Foss Whatever your opinion of other aspects of the year that has just passed, it was a good one in the local dining…

 January 4, 2017  Richard Foss

A La Carte: Dining News for 05 January 2017

by Richard Foss Long Awaited Openings… Over two years since the previous tenant departed, the Laurel Tavern has opened just north of the corner of…

 Eddie Solt

Beer Bros: Brouwerij West gets canned (and other Hoppy Happenins)

Beer Bros: Brouwerij West gets canned  (and other Hoppy Happenins)

by Ed Solt “Life’s too short to drink shitty beer,” I’ve heard once or twice from craft beer veterans ridiculing me years ago, while I stabbed a hole into a can of Silver Bullet CL Smoothie. As local craft beer becomes more mainstream, it’s now possible to shotgun (if you dare, a potent IPA) a […]

 Richard Foss

Europe meets Africa in Brazil

Stroganoff “on a tropical vacation” is among the authentic treasures of Brazuca

The most distinctive regional cuisines in the United States came about when African and European ingredients got into the hands of cooks who straddled those same cultures. The gumbos of Louisiana and soul food of Georgia are probably most famous, but there are hearty, spicy dishes from Maryland through the Carolinas to Texas that show […]

 Richard Foss

Square meal, good deal, in a Torrance hotel

The Marriott’s 21 Square restaurant is deliciously fun

Restaurants inside corporate hotels have a tough time drawing a local clientele for a variety of reasons. Since the primary business at the premises is selling overnight stays, their restaurants are perceived as an afterthought, something for the convenience of out-of-towners who either lack transportation or are too timid to venture into the wider world. […]

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