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Dining In The Style Of A Royal Barge [Restaurant review]

Subhannahong offers a subtly different kind of Thai cuisine

You don’t have to be a social historian to know one thing about class societies: they always develop distinct differences between the ruler and the ruled. Think of Jeeves and Wooster, Downton Abbey, anything written by Jane Austen that was ever translated to visual media. The cut of the clothes is the obvious clue, but […]

 Richard Foss

Empanadas on Artesia, Brew destination in El Segundo, Proud Bird taking wing, and dining events

The opening of The Empanada Shop on Artesia last week gives everyone a new problem, namely where to eat them. There’s no space inside the shop itself, and if you’re not taking them back to home or office you may find yourself looking for the nearest bus stop bench. My suggestion is the Andrews Parkette […]

 Richard Foss

Style and Substance

Sea Level, at Shade Redondo, has it all

What are you paying for when you go to a restaurant? It’s more than the cost of the ingredients and the salaries of the staff, the value of the lease on the building, the plates and silverware and all the other things that had to be purchased before the place served its first meal. You’re […]

 Richard Foss

Spice to close, Royal Thai and Mama D’s open in Redondo, More dining news

One Less Chinese Option… After over ten years in business it’s time to say goodbye to Spice, formerly Chong’s China Grill. The flood of new openings in The Point nearby has put a squeeze on all restaurants in this area, and construction that diverted traffic away can’t have helped the situation. This leaves the tiny […]

 Richard Foss

Old school charm in a high concept town [Restaurant Review]

Zane’s is hard to categorize but easy to love

If you’re at a party and say you’re going to a Tibetan-Mexican fusion restaurant, heads will turn. People will try to form an idea in their minds, and probably not be able to figure out what that means. A barley tortilla burrito with cabbage and mutton in chile verde? Yak butter with your chips instead […]

 Richard Foss

Execution over experimentation

Brio Coastal Bar & Kitchen eschews high concept for simply doing things well

I watch the restaurant mix at the Del Amo mall with interest, and lately have been trying to figure out the logic behind who moves in. There’s a heap of money to be made or lost there, so both landlord and tenant have an interest in getting things right. When I saw a sign announcing […]

 Richard Foss

Hanging on at the Hangar Inn

Sixty years of serving burgers and beer on Aviation Boulevard

I think I was about five or six years old when I first noticed the fake crashed airplane on the roof of the Hangar Inn. I wanted to go see it more closely, but my parents resisted; this was not, they insisted, a place that I would like. They might have been wrong. I would […]

 Richard Foss

A La Carte – Dining News For 23 March 2017

One Louisiana Restaurant Closed, Another Opening, Cookie Bakery Coming, Wine and Whisky Events, and More...

            One Louisiana Restaurant Down, One Resurrected… After ten years in business, Hermosa’s New Orleans Cajun & Creole Cuisine closed after negotiations to extend their lease were unsuccessful. I have heard that a “bistro” has their eye on the space, though whether we’re talking traditional French or something modern remains to be seen. Meanwhile up […]

 Richard Foss

Across the Borderline (Restaurant review)

Ortega 120 focuses on deeply authentic Mexican cuisine while also pushing boundaries, with extraordinary results

My wife enjoys a particular genre of British comedy that is heavy on silliness taken into surrealist territory, and occasionally I read one of her books just to see what she is laughing at. One of the jokes I remember is from a satire on conspiracy theories in which a British spy has spent months […]

 Richard Foss

Fast and flavorful at Bollywood Zaika

Surprisingly successful Indian fast food comes to Redondo Beach

You can tell a cuisine has mainstreamed when someone comes up with a fast food version of it. Nowadays that means putting everything on a bun, in a burrito, or some other permutation that fits our love for portable and quickly served items. Addi DeCosta has ideas about how to do this with Indian food, […]

 Richard Foss

A La Carte Column: South Bay Dining News for 13 March

Big openings in Hermosa and Torrance, Winemaker dinners, dining events, and more...

Pier Plaza Gets An Upgrade… Playa Hermosa has opened in the former Killer Shrimp space, and it looks like a major improvement. The space has been brightened and made more stylish, and though they are serving a limited menu at the moment there are intriguing items like blood orange scallop crudo, po-boy sliders with green […]

 Richard Foss

The evolution of Britt’s BBQ

There are TV shows that involve inside looks at restaurant and hotel operations, and having been present for filming on more than one of these I can say with confidence that much of the drama is manufactured. The tension-inducing moments at a restaurant happen without warning: what are the odds, after all, that a camera […]

 Richard Foss

Laurel Tavern keeps it simple: sandwiches, sides, and beers

Twenty five years after they were invented, gastropubs are an institution rather than a novelty. The original recipe of high quality food and a big beer selection has evolved into an institution with a visual signature that includes long shared tables, lots of exposed wood, and a blackboard menu even if the selection doesn’t change. […]

 Richard Foss

South Bay Dining News: Burger City Grill, The Empanada Shop arrive on Artesia, Chong Brother’s “Rabano” set to open on PCH in Hermosa, Killer Shrimp moves to The Mermaid to make way for Playa Hermosa Fish & Oyster…and more…

South Bay Dining News: Burger City Grill, The Empanada Shop arrive on Artesia, Chong Brother’s “Rabano” set to open on PCH in Hermosa, Killer Shrimp moves to The Mermaid to make way for  Playa Hermosa Fish & Oyster…and more…

  Torrance Gets A New Burger Palace… The first of two Burger City Grill locations in Torrance has opened on Artesia, and the menu is remarkable because of what you can’t get. They’re specialists here, offering beef burgers and fries with various toppings, and beer, shakes, and soft drinks to go with them. That’s it […]

 Richard Foss

Whole Foods Feasting: The Second and Kogi

When Whole Foods opened in El Segundo I referred to it as the Disneyland of food, a place that attracted gawkers to see how beautiful vegetables could be. Part of the attraction was the array of quick service dining options, which included a wine bar, barbecue stand, and an Asian quick serve counter. Not all […]

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